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RV Inspections
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In order for us to ensure a quality RV inspection, you must ensure access to the RV and provide full hook-up services which includes the following items:

  • Running water

  • Appropriate electrical service (20, 30, 50 AMP)

  • Propane in cylinder, if applicable

  • A stable, dry, and level parking area

  • Keys to all inspection areas including engine if it is a motorized vehicle

  • Sewage hook-up if possible. Some items may not be inspected otherwise

  • Remotes for entertainment items with batteries

  • The refrigerator should be running at least 12 hours prior to inspection if possible

  • If a coolant sample is ordered, please run the engine of the vehicle at least 30 minutes the day before the inspection for circulation purposes and so the engine will be cooled off for sampling  

Note: for insurance reasons, we cannot test-drive any inspected RV.

How does this work?

You, the client, can always be there on the day of the inspection as you have a vested interest in the vehicle. However, the inspection process is very tedious, in-depth and normally takes around 6-8 hours or more to complete. With that in mind, minimizing interruptions will ensure and enhance the quality of the inspection you are expecting us to perform for you.

The owner of the inspection will be the only person that will receive a completed inspection report from RV Tech & Inspect. We will not reveal results of an inspection verbally to any party. Additionally, we will not disclose any inspection findings, test results, or client information without the clients’ approval. However, we may disclose observed hazards that will impact the occupant’s safety and well-being. The report will be delivered to the client via electronic mail as soon as possible after the inspection and be delivered in Adobe Acrobat (PDF format). 

All NRVIA certified inspectors and technicians are bound by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, therefore inspection findings will not be construed as being a compliance inspection of any code, governmental regulation, or manufacturer’s installation instructions or procedures. Therefore, RV inspections performed by RV Tech & Inspect are not an expressed, implied warranty or guarantee of adequacy, performance or useful life of any RV, any of its components or systems.

Our Current Location

We are proud to provide our Mobile RV Technician and Inspection Services to Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee, Young Harris, Ellijay, Jasper, Hayesville, Murphy and the surround areas.

We can go further out, just give us a call and we can go over specifics.

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