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RV Tank Cleaning

We use the latest equipment and proven techniques to hydro-jet power wash your holding tanks and

solve the all-too-common RV tank problems: odors, clogs, and misreading sensors.​


Do you have lingering smells in your bathroom? Does it smell when you flush?

Misreading Sensors?

Tired of your sensors showing full when you just drained the tank?


Oh No! Not the dreaded clog or what we call a

"Poop Pyramid"

RV Tank Cleaning

RV tank cleaning:

  • uses no chemicals

  • is 100% safe for the environment

  • removes waste as well as build-up on pipes

  • Very convenient - "We Come To You", wherever your RV is located

*Our services require that you be located somewhere where you have full hookups

(shore power, water, and sewer).

Writing in a Graph Notebook

How to Prepare.


Ensure you have Full Hookups

This means a dedicated 20-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp shore power outlet, pressured water, and sewer hookup, so make sure your site has access to all three, available for me to use while I’m cleaning your tanks.


Dump your Tanks

Please dump your tanks before we arrive. If you are unable to do so, please let me know when we schedule.


Sewer Hose

Leave your sewer hose attached. If you currently have your tanks hard piped, it needs to be so that I am able to to use the standard RV sewer pipe fittings.


Water Access

Please do not plan on using any water (wash dishes, use toilet, etc.)  while I am there cleaning your tanks so plan ahead.



If your sewer connections are right beside or under a slide-out, please pull the slide-outs in before I get there. This will make my job go by faster and easier.



Depending on your set-up, I may or may not be able to clean your tanks. Please let me know if you have a macerator pump and its location.

What to Expect?

When we get there we will locate the tanks and electrical outlets, clean the black and grey tanks from the outside of the RV (unless we are there to clean a clog then we will be doing both inside and outside). Once cleaned we will clean up our equipment , get paid, and be on our way.

Bathroom accessories

How do we take care of our tanks?


Flush Properly

We always like to say, When you go #1, fill one bowl up then flush. When you go #2, flush 2 full bowls down the drain.

DO NOT, just hold the foot pedal down and let the water trickle!


Open vs. Closed

It is best to leave the drains closed so that there is water to help dissolve the solids, toilet paper, soap, etc. If you leave the tank drains open then this can cause a buildup of soap scum or worse a poop pyramid.


Draining the Tanks

It is best to drain the tanks when they are 2/3 full. Be sure to drain the black tank then drain the grey tank so that the water from the grey flushes any lingering leftovers from the black out.


Cleaning Chemicals

No matter what you use do not use anything that is in a pod (plastic covering). These do not break down all of they way and help clog the drain. We recommend Happy Camper or TankTechsRX tank treatment. For sinks, Dawn dish soap helps cut grease.

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