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Batteries in Your RV

What exactly do your batteries do in your RV? 

  • A battery is like a piggybank, it stores power

  • The batteries are a 12 volt DC system that runs your interior lights. If you notice your lights flickering this could be due to your batteries are low and need to be replaced.

  • When running your slide-out does it stop, go, stop, go? This could be low voltage from your batteries as well.

  • Do your electric leveling jacks studder and pause? Again, this could be due to low battery voltage

How often do you need to check them? 

  • If you have a Lead Acid battery these need to be checked monthly. You need to check the water levels in the batteries. If it needs water, be sure to add distilled water.

What should the batteries test at?

  • The batteries with the converter turned off should test at 12.6 Volts DC, if you have Lead Acid/AGM batteries. If you have Lithium batteries you would test at around 14.4-14.6 Volts DC.

Batteries in the RV

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